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Meet Dr. Kirill Jordan

Chiropractor Broome, Dr. Kirill JordanDr. Kirill Jordan is a Chiropractor and Personal Trainer with 10 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. He has spent this time helping hundreds of individuals achieve both sporting and personal goals in all aspects of their health and wellness. He has also consistently worked to expand his knowledge and skill set to provide the most evidence-based biomechanical and functional approach to his care.

An Interest in Strength Sports

Dr Kirill has a particular interest in strength sports such as powerlifting and weightlifting. Having had experience with a wide variety of elite level athletes, this has given him a unique insight into the fact that human body is a remarkable piece of engineering that has the amazing ability to heal itself if provided with the correct tools and support to do so.

He found Chiropractic early in his Personal Training days through clients who were seeking further care and support beyond their lifting sessions. Kirill saw how this care improved their function, both in lifting and everyday life, inspiring him to study Chiropractic Science. Combining this knowledge with his existing lifting experience created a unique, holistic approach to managing clients with a focus on health optimization and performance.

A Wide Focus

Dr. Kirill has a very down-to-earth, enthusiastic and caring personality that allows him to view each patient as a whole, ensuring he is providing the best possible care in all aspects of functionality and movement. His focus is to address acute and chronic pain, restrictions in movement and strength as well as general health with the aim of creating long-term improvements that patients can maintain on their own.

Outside the Clinic

In his spare time, you will likely find him in the gym or at the beach soaking up the sun.


Dr. Kirill Jordan | (08) 9193 7632